today is monday
8 Post Rational Reasons I Moved to London
The Chemical Project
Shots of Black
Paying Attention
Film (soon)


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thompsonblack is a man you will never meet; a split personality, as are all contributors to the website. weekly, interested parties submit design projects from all over the world. these come anonymous and uncensored from artists, architects, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, engineers… a reflection more of surroundings than feelings, the ever growing website has an extensive archive resulting from a long life of projects.

you were probably led here by an email invitation from fellow, who runs the site. see people find the site by invite only, which means that we know you or someone who contributes knows you. don’t be alarmed, we’ve got people who live in london, seoul, los angeles, washington, new york, vancouver, toronto, halifax and a whole bunch more that i can’t remember right now.

you’re welcome to participate and new mediums are encouraged. if art scares you, piss off.

we don’t make any money, we don’t care if you check it out and we wont censor anything. we just didn’t like mondays.


to receive weekly notes of passion and intrigue (and find out when the site has been updated) send a slick little email to

anyone can contribute.
to contribute, pick an alias.
send your alias and drawing, poem, song, painting, photo, tattoo etc. to
make yourself a stiff drink and watch the sun rise.